Let’s face it, almost everything used in daily life requires some sort of power source. Many take for granted the flipping of a switch or simply plugging into an outlet. However, there are multiple instances when that isn’t possible.

Whether you are experiencing a power outage due to a weather event or emergency, are on a remote job site, or just simply trying to get away for a bit , you need an alternative plan.

Read on for the benefits and a recommendation for the best portable power source.

The Downside to Traditional Generators

For years, the go-to alternate for supplemental energy was a gasoline or diesel power source in the form of a generator. And while they did provide energy to power, they are not without issues.

For one, they are not for indoor use. Generators emit dangerous carbon monoxide fumes. This tasteless and odorless gas robs the body of essential oxygen when exposed and will quickly become fatal. Because of this, generators must be used outdoors which renders them inconvenient.

In addition, generators require regular maintenance and are noisy machines. In an emergency, it is tolerated, but eventually becomes bothersome. If you need a power source for outdoor recreational activities, the last thing you want is a constant loud, disruptive noise.

The Answer Is a Portable Power Source

If safety, ease of use, and versatility is your power source goal, then a portable power station is the answer. Let’s look at just a few of the reasons.

1. They Work Inside

A battery-pack portable power system does not produce any dangerous fumes. As such, it can be used inside. This includes in a home, RV, or even tent.

Another benefit for indoor use is the quiet factor. These devices make very little noise and do not cause a disturbance or distraction.

2. They Power Multiple Devices

When you think power for portability, you want more than just lights. While you do want to see, you also need power for other items.

RELiON’s portable power station offers both AC power options for devices using a standard plug but they also have DC outlets for USB charging needs.

You can run a few small appliances while also keeping your cellphone, laptop, or other important device charged and ready to go.

3. They Utilize Solar Power for Recharging

Since these portable power sources run on battery life themselves, they also need to be charged. You must determine the hours of use and fully charge ahead of the need.

The good news is they are designed to use solar panels to recharge when there is no access to regular AC charging. The solar charging is slower and obviously depends on the amount of direct sunlight, but with proper planning it is easy.

Never Be in the Dark Again

The thought of operating a traditional generator is intimating to many people. The work and dangers involved keep them in the dark.

Having a convenient and reliable portable power source to run your everyday essentials whether in an emergency or for recreation is both easy and comforting.

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