This hairband from the 80s, the pride of New Jersey in the United States, has continued to be a musical force since its founding; in fact, the band still records new music and tours to this very day. Headlined by vocalist John Bon Jovi, this American band is best known for its strong ballads, stunning guitar riffs, and catchy melodies.

Bon Jovi, who had been playing together from the year before, got its big break when their single “Runaway” rose to the top of the charts in 1984. Since this time, Bon Jovi has remained a loyal rocker loved by many successive generations.

Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits

Born to Be My Baby

One of the main things which separated Bon Jovi from other ’80s pop-metal bands were their working class anthems. “Born to Be My Baby” was definitely one of the best, with its simple message of eternal love making life worth living among the stress of managing jobs, bills and life in general. The strong hook and captivating arrangement of “Born to Be My Baby” make the track one of the Top 10 Bon Jovi Songs.

I’ll Be There for You

By the time Bon Jovi reached their commercial peak, it was almost a contractual requirement for rock bands to include at least one very big power ballad on each of their albums. Bon Jovi proved to be very effective with ballads, however none more-so than “I’ll Be There for You,” which turned out to be the group’s fourth No. 1 single. Also, the track pointed the way toward the kind of softer sound that would dominate subsequent albums.

Lay Your Hands on Me

The song “Lay Your Hands On Me” saw Bon Jovi broadening their musical approach a little bit, with a long drum-and-keyboard-based introduction before the track jumps into the main guitar riff. The jamming chant of “Hey!” is a concert mainstay. The song was written surrounding Sambora’s guitar riff while the group were in the studio recording the album. Launched as the fourth single from New Jersey, the song went to No. 7 in the Billboard chart and remains as popular as keno online real money games to this day, also with a slightly older audience.

Bon Jovi And The Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame

The New Jersey rockers finally took their place with music royalty in April at the induction ceremony in Cleveland, together with the Cars, Dire Straits, the Moody Blues as well as Nina Simone. Rock-and-roll pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe also received a special Award for Early Influence.

Bon Jovi’s omission has baffled rock fans for years. The New Jersey band has sold hundreds of millions of records, had four No. 1 hits and their anthemic song writing has been copied by many successive pop-rock outfits.

They’ve been eligible for induction since 2009, however the band has only ever been on the nominee docket once before, in 2011. Jon Bon Jovi has previously put this down to a “falling out” with Rock Hall bigwigs, and a subsequent personal feud.