Hey you, listening to music while reading this article are we? Have you ever stopped to think about what is producing the sounds being played in your ear? Probably not.

In most cases, when it comes to headphones and the sound they produce, many people associate the brand name with quality and not the actual components that go into making the device. Even just considering this, there are so many different options out there, and we’re about to through another spanner in the works.

When it comes to the sound you hear when wearing headphones, earbuds and earphones, it’s all produced by an audio driver – and they’re not all the same!

Understanding Drivers

All sound producing devices need to have a driver, otherwise you won’t hear anything. And yes, this includes your smartphone.

Drivers work by converting electrical signals into sounds. They are disc shapes and are made up of a magnet, voice coils and diaphragm. These components work together to create sound and are available in a wide range of sizes.

Contrary to popular belief, bigger audio drivers are not always better. You’ll also notice that smaller devices like earbuds have smaller drivers, while bigger devices like headphones will have a bigger driver. This is to accommodate the size of the device and not necessarily equate to a difference in sound quality.

To put this into perspective, the size of the drivers in earbuds and earphones are approximately 15mm in diameter while those in headphones can be up to 50mm. depending on the product and brand, a certain size will be selected with the intention of delivering superior sound quality.

The one noticeable difference when it comes to bigger drivers is a more impressive bass, however the accompanying sound elements like the treble may not be able to match, leading to poor quality sound. The trick is finding a brand able to find the perfect balance between it all.

Is There An Ideal Driver Size?

No, unfortunately there is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to this. Instead, you’ll need to research the different options available to see the quality of sound that they are producing, and more importantly, the specific products that are able to deliver on these promises.

Even after doing your research, the best way to find the perfect fit may very well be to test out some of the options if possible, much like a bet big dollar casino no deposit bonus lets you test out the games for free.

The Verdict

This all boils down to personal preference as well as what you are looking for in a set of headphones or earbuds. In addition to this, it’s always worth investing in a trusted, well-known brand that has the reputation to back their claims.

When it comes to technology, you get what you pay for and sometimes spending a bit more for peace of mind is the best option.