Many business owners find themselves dreading and trying to avoid the ADA Compliance Process. However, this is a necessary step for many businesses. It’s important to know what steps you can take to make it easier on yourself and your employees. Although the process can be a bit daunting, it is a necessary step in order to ensure your business is in compliance with federal law. There are many excellent tools on the web like accessiBe to help you make your website ADA compliant.

1) Do Your Research – The first thing you should do before beginning this process is get acquainted with what the requirements of the ADA entail. The more you know about the requirements, the easier it will be to be in compliance.

2) Educate Your Employees – This is not only a good idea for ensuring your business stays compliant, but it also allows your employees to feel like they are a part of something great. Informing your employees of the upcoming changes and new policies that will be put in place will allow them to feel more prepared for their roles going forward.

3) Make a Plan – Formulate a plan of attack and decide on the best changes that must take place on your end, and remember to include all employees, not just management or human resources. This helps keep everyone accountable for ensuring the company is ADA compliant and reminds everyone what must be done in order to continue successfully operating.

4) Communicate and Educate Customers – It’s important to make sure the customers are aware of any changes made in your business when it comes to ADA compliance. This helps keep them informed and also makes them feel like you value their feedback and input with regards to the changes being made.

5) Seek Help – Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help! If you need a little bit of guidance or education, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer or other type of consultant who specializes in ADA compliance. They can help you identify any problems within your business and suggest ways in which you can improve upon them.

6) Maintain Documentation – This is a very important step. Keep all documentation and paperwork related to ADA compliance in one place that is easily accessible should you ever need it for reference. This will help ensure an easier process if, heaven forbid, something were to arise, and you need those documents as proof of your efforts and success as a company in staying ADA compliant.

7) Remember to Use Your Resources – Don’t be afraid to use the resources and people surrounding you. Whether it’s your lawyer, consultant, or even your employees, they’re there for help and advice if you need it! Take advantage of these valuable assets when going through this process so that it is easier on you and your business.

8) Take Breaks – Don’t lose sight of who you are or what your business is. Make sure that when you go through the process, don’t lose sight of what’s really important to you and your company or forget about why it’s necessary for this change to take place in the first place.

9) Be Flexible – It’s important to be flexible and open-minded during this process. The more you resist, the harder it will be on you, your employees, your customers, and your business as a whole. Make sure that everyone involved is being treated with respect throughout the process so that no one feels singled out.