Without screen reading technology, people with disabilities are unable to understand what is happening on your website. This forces them to use other online communication methods such as email and social media platforms. And while this works okay in some cases, it can make things more complicated than they need to be. Sometimes, they may not be able to convey the information they want to get across, which can lead to misunderstandings.

With an accessibility overlay, people who are blind or have low vision will be provided with screen reading technology that can read what is happening on your website out loud. This means that they are able to interact with your website content in a faster and more efficient way than ever before. And this also means that you can expect your website to see a boost in traffic and sales as more and more people with disabilities choose to use your website instead of competitors’ websites. People who are blind or have low vision might be the only people using your website, but they are the most loyal customers you will find online.

The best part is that adding an accessibility overlay to your website doesn’t take too much work. And if you’ve got a developer on staff, they should be able to get this task finished quickly and get it done right, so there isn’t any room for mistakes. But even if you don’t have a developer working in-house, all hope isn’t lost. You can still get this task finished when you hire a company that specializes in accessibility.

Research shows that if you don’t have one on your site already, you are losing out on loyal customers who need more information about your products and services. And when these people aren’t able to find the information they need, they may look for it elsewhere. So don’t let your competitors have all the fun. Get started on this task today so you can attract more customers through your website and see an increase in sales that will help grow your business.

We have all heard the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But when it comes to your website, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you are worried that you won’t see the return on investment that is deserved for an accessibility overlay, then let me put those fears to rest for you. It only takes one person with a disability to find your website, decide to use it for whatever purpose they are looking for, and decide to tell others about it.

According to the American Foundation for the Blind, there are around 10 million people in the United States who are blind or visually impaired. But that’s just one country, right? And if that doesn’t convince you, then how about the fact that the World Health Organization shows that around 253 million people suffer from hearing loss worldwide, which is a huge potential market for your business. No matter what website you run – business, non-profit, or personal, having an accessibility overlay will benefit you in more ways than one.