As a business coach I often pend time with business owners who are looking for new ways in which they can find success and grow their profits. As part of my primary analysis of each business, I will usually start with the internet, to see what kind of presence they have online. It is usually at his point that I am astounded by the fact that business owners who are trying to find success, are not active in the world’s hottest marketplace. Whether your business operates online or not, you must look into ways in which you can make the internet work for you, and social media is the minimum requirement.

If your business is not yet active on social media, here are just some of the reasons why that is a mistake.

Free Marketing

There are literally millions of people using social media each and every day which presents an opportunity for business owners all over the world. There are paid for ad options which you can use to market your business to specific demographics but even if you decide against that, you can still use the platform to promote your business to a huge number of people. Activity on social media such as sharing your products and your business through the use of photos and videos, is a great way to drum up support for your business, and reach people which you previously couldn’t have done.


Staffing is no longer as difficult as it once was thanks to websites such as LinkedIn which are professional social media channels. Using sites such as this you can post your job vacancies, you can find high quality talent that you can invite to apply for your position and you can also use the social media channel to vet job candidates before you decide whether to invite them in for an interview. If you are looking for temp staff, you could use the unique social media app ShiftPixy which connects workers with employers that are looking for part time shift workers. Your staffing problems are solved with social media.


In a world where there are more businesses being created than ever before, we all must do whatever it takes to help ourselves stand out form the fierce competition. Customers, with so much choice, are increasingly less loyal and you need to be able to show that you are a business that they can trust. The best way for you to create this trust is through direct engagement on social media and on websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this is exactly what you can do. Even a simple comment to a customer creates that trust between you and them, and it shows off a more human face to the company. These small details go a long way in terms of customer loyalty and through the use of social media you can really help to increase loyalty towards your brand.