Are you ready to make this year the year of investment? If so then we have got some great tips on where you should be putting your cash in the coming year, for big profits. It should be noted that before you invest any money in our recommendations, you should first have a full and complete understanding of the area that you are investing in, and what makes that market move. Once you have decided where you will invest your cash, go and do some research before taking the plunge. And also have some fun while you wait for your investments to mature and maybe double your investments. Play online slots at one of the world’s best sites. Signup Here. .Now,  let’s take a look then at some of the best places to invest your cash in 2018.

Binary Options

Binary options are a great way to invest in an exciting and fast paced industry. In a nutshell, binary options are a yes or no investment which will see you take a chance on a wide range of different markets and indexes. Essentially you will be gambling as to whether prices move up or down, in a given time frame which could be anywhere from 30 minutes to months in the future. Let’s say for example that you believe the S&P Index will be higher than 1800 in 30 minutes time, you may get 60% return on such an option. If the index is above 1800 when the time is up, you will gain a return of 60%, if it is lower, you will lose your investment. More people are getting into binary options and you can do so online if you wish, check out a review to get started.


In investment circles, cryptocurrency was the one area of the market which blew everyone away and took many by surprise. Bitcoin for example started the year out at $2,000 before it peaked at $16,000 in August. Whilst Bitcoin and its crypto counterparts may have seen sharp rises, this does not mean that it is too late to get involved, on the contrary. In fact such is the wide exposure and increased popularity of cryptocurrency, plus some added uncertainty which still exists around this investment, there are many opportunities of you to make big gains this year by investing in cryptocurrency

Real Estate

I have given the recommendation of real estate investment for each of the past 5 years and this year is no different. The housing market is incredibly stable at the moment and it offers a great many investment opportunities for you, especially in the commercial real estate market. With rents going up faster than property prices, if you plan on buying to let out, this is the year that you should be really looking to make your decision on which property to buy, and go ahead and do it. Real estate offers a stable and low risk investment which makes it perfect for anyone who is just starting out in investment. Research heavily into geographical areas and their real estate prices before making you move.