If you’re interested in how you can replicate the success of businessman Jarles Thorsen, simply continue reading to discover a variety of tips on how to emulate Thorsen’s success.

Everything you need to know about the highly successful businessman Jarles Thorsen:

Jarles Thorsen is an incredibly successful businessman who first launched his business Unaico 9 years ago. Thorsen credits his incredible success to his drive to succeed and his ability to develop and fine tune his business skills.

How to develop the necessary skills to succeed as a businessman or businesswoman:

1. Don’t be concerned with accumulating power

If your primary goal is to try and accumulate as much power as possible, you’ll be unlikely to succeed in business as in order to succeed in business you need to remain focused on ensuring that your business provides valuable products or services, which meet a large demand.

In order to succeed as a business person, it’s crucial to remain focused on expanding your business and meeting your customers’ needs, instead of pursuing power or prestige.

2. Expand your business network

One way to develop and expand your business is to consistently make an effort to network with foreign business owners and potential stakeholders who live in some of the world’s most wealthy cities. As an example, you may be interested in networking with potential stakeholders who live in Hong Kong or Beijing. As it’s well worth trying to obtain money from powerful international investors!

3. Study the business plans of successful companies

Another way to expand your knowledge of how to expertly run a business is to study the business plans of various companies who have already obtained a high level of success. As an example, it’s well worth studying the business plan of Exergonix, which is one of the country’s top energy storage companies and is currently based out of Kansas.

4. Consider using unique business strategies to promote your business

As an example, one way to cheaply promote your business is to create a pyramid scheme, which will reward individuals for successfully referring potential customers or potential new business associates to your business’ website.

5. Stop procrastinating in order to take your business to the next level

If you’d love to double your business’ revenue in a single year, do yourself a huge favor as a businessman or businesswoman and stop procrastinating. As in order to take your business to new heights, you’ll have to take steps towards reaching your business goals on a daily basis.

6. Make sure that you hire employees who are keen to develop their skills

Also make sure to provide training opportunities and promotions to employees who exhibit initiative and who you believe offer potentially valuable business-related skills, which can greatly benefit your company. Both in the short-term and in the long-term!

So if you’re passionate about business and have a variety of long-term business goals which you plan on achieving in the next few years, it’s definitely well worth using the handy business guide listed above to help you get started.