If you’re interested in learning more information about Pastor Ron Hindt’s incredible life, simply continue reading to discover the incredible story of how Pastor Ron Hindt chose to follow God’s incredible plan for his life. Which is full of inspiration and evidence of how if you choose to follow God’s plan for your life, there is no limit to the feats which you’ll be able to accomplish!

Who is Pastor Ron Hindt:

Pastor Ron Hindt is currently the senior pastor at Calvary Houston which Hindt founded and boasts weekly services which attract thousands of individuals, who are keen to hear Hindt’s insights on spirituality, life, and God. While Calvary Houston once served a few dozen individuals when it was founded back in 1991, Calvary Houston holds the distinction of being one of the most popular churches in Houston.

Pastor Ron Hindt’s background:

As a young adult Pastor Ron Hindt pursued a career as a musician and spent numerous years living and working in Hollywood. However in 1980 Hindt felt a calling to train as a pastor and to spread God’s word to as many people as he could. Following his calling Hindt joined the Calvary Chapel Costa Messa which was led by Pastor Chuck Smith before training to become a pastor under the guidance of Pastor Chuck Smith.

Pastor Ron Hindt was then encouraged to join the Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills, where he served as an assistant pastor for a couple of years.

Calvary Houston’s background:

11 years after he was first called to serve, Pastor Ron Hindt moved to Houston, where he was inspired to found Calvary Houston. Moving to Houston, was definitely in God’s plan for Pastor Ron Hindt as it’s where he met his wife Yani. Who now supports Pastor Ron Hindt in leading his large congregation of believers. Who are all passionate in following God’s teachings in their every day lives, in order to live out the incredible lives which God has planned for them.

Pastor Ron Hindt’s core teachings:

1. Pastor Ron Hindt believes that life is a gift, which individuals should value

Pastor Ron Hindt’s talks are inspirational in nature and seek to motivate his followers to focus on the positives in life and to take control of their lives, in order to make the most of the profound gift which they’ve been given by God. The gift to lead a fulfilling life which is full of love.

2. Pastor Ron Hindt believes that Christians should seek to teach others about their faith

Pastor Ron Hindt sees his church as a tool for God to reach as many individuals as possible and encourages his congregation to teach as many individuals as they can about God’s love for the world.

3. Pastor Ron Hindt believes that all the answers to individuals’ questions can be found in the Bible

Pastor Ron Hindt truly believes that all the answers to life’s difficult questions can be found in the Bible and that Christians should spend time going through each line of the Bible, to find the answers that they are looking for.

Hopefully, you found the inspirational tale above a positive example of how if you choose to follow God’s plan, your life can transform in front of your very eyes!