Are you getting that feeling that you need a getaway to help you reinvigorate and recharge? You know that time when you feel your batteries running down and the only thing you can think of when you are sitting at your desk is clear warm water and sweet alcohol drinks. Then when you are driving home sitting in traffic again, your mind wanders to gentle breezes and clear driving lanes. We all know this feeling and when it begins to overwhelm our thoughts, the best thing to do is to give in to our urges and get out of town.

But, before you can leave there are a few things you need to do to ensure that this getaway is all you want it to be. So to make sure your getaway is as perfect as it can be, here is a list of things for you to do before you get out of town:

Bring Your Camera

The best thing about going on these types of getaways is having an ability to just relax. The second best thing is bringing a camera so that you can have everlasting memories of your trip. If you do not have one, it might be a great time to invest in purchasing a great camera now. Yes your mobile phone has an adequate camera, but they still cannot match the quality of a great SLR or even a compact shooter. Professional photographers like Charles Nucci know that the difference between a phone camera and a stand-alone one is the amount of detail you get. So when you shoot that once in a lifetime waterfall, or the beautiful dancers teaching you their native dance, you want to feel like you are there again when you view the pictures. A real camera can give you this feeling so buy one and bring it.

Plan Your Getaway

To insure that you are able to get all you need from your trip, it is best to make a plan and of course the plan starts with where you intend to travel.

If you are on a tight budget, planning a trip closer to home will be your best choice. For these trips you can drive which saves on flights and also gives you a vehicle at your destination. If you are going with someone you can trade off driving chores and even make it fun. If you know someone where you are going, perhaps you can even stay with them and save more money. Remember, the trip is about having a good time, not putting yourself in debt if you don’t have to do that.

If you plan on going farther away, do your planning through a cheap online travel companies. These companies specialize in finding cheap holidays for people like you, who are looking for a last minute excursion. Look at several different locations and read reviews on the location, things to do there, safety there and the choice of hotels. You might find a great deal and a new getaway spot too.

If you know for sure where you want to go, there will surely have deals there for you as well, but be prepared to land at an alternative airport or stay at an unfamiliar hotel to save money. But by making your entire package through one company, you will surely save time and money. Make sure however to use a reputable company in the case of a problem you will need to contact them. Sometimes the reason that the getaways are so cheap on these sites is because they have no customer service. So be careful to pick a company whose reviews say good things about someone being available to help you when you travel.

Be Safe

Moe accidents happen during the holidays than any other time of the year because more people are out and there is a lot of socializing going on which means too much drinking. Also criminals thrive in getaway destinations where there are many drunk tourists who do not pay attention to their belongings. So be smart and protect your wallet or purse, never leave your credit cards exposed leave your expensive jewelry at home and do not walk off the beaten path or down any dark alleys.

The goal of this getaway is to get you back up to fighting speed so you can take on the world again, plan ti properly and take lots of pictures and be safe too.