The construction business is complicated and demands that dozens of people and activities take place and are coordinated in order for a construction project to be completed. The job in this industry are definitely high stress and require focus and an ability to take on a lot of different tasks to be performed concurrently.

Getting the work done is difficult, but seeing a project finished brings pride to those who have played a part. And solving the issues that constantly pop up, brings pride to employees and management at construction companies. Some problems however are persistent and very challenging to fix, pushing even experts like Reddy Kancharla, to his limits. We have looked at some of the major construction problems and here are two big ones and solutions for them.


Damp is a problem that plagues the majority of construction sites. Damp can come from rain, high humidity environments, and water being used on the construction site that gets into places where it is not welcome. This may not be thought of as a prominent construction problem but for many construction companies it proves to be a serious issue that can become damaging to the construction project.

In addition to it leaving cosmetic staining on buildings, damp can also lead to decaying of wood infrastructure, plaster crumbling away and other problems that can cause health issues like mold. This result is that things will need to be replaced which can be very costly especially if the damp is discovered during the later stages of construction and walls or outer structures need to be torn down to get to the areas affected by damp.

The best ways to avoid damp are to cover the construction area with a covering that allows for the construction environment to be tightly controlled. This way the area is protected from the elements as well as humid air. There are also companies that can be called in who specialize in damp proofing and removal of damp from a construction site. This added expense can end up saving many times its price.

Constantly Changing Regulations

The construction industry is one of the most tightly regulated with federal and state regulations for construction practices, hiring qualifications, safety, workplace practices and employees, dominating how business can be conducted. All of these regulations are constantly changing to reflect new information gathered around the industry and a construction company has the responsibility of keeping up with them as they become the law.

The average successful construction will have one or more projects under construction with several others in different stages of planning and preparation. And often people are stretched with the flurry of activities constantly coming. So keeping up with all the new regulations changes can be a major challenge. The best way to stay abreast of all new regulations is to sign on to the regulators e-mail lists. Each regulator must send out to every construction company on their list, any new rules, the moment they are enacted. If you are on the list you will get them in your inbox and are able to inform your company about them.