Your garden isn’t just for the day-time. When dusk rolls around, many people make their way inside, but it doesn’t have to be so! It is comforting to have a beautifully lit garden, especially if you enjoy looking at the night stars or hanging out with your friends in the garden. If you want to brighten your outdoor space, then here are some of the best tips for doing so. 

Use Solar Lights

Using solar lights in your garden makes sense – they’re outside, so they’re naturally soaking up as much sun as they can! Gain as much energy as you can by placing them in an area that sees the most sun (so avoid placing them under trees). By doing this, you can create an outdoor space that lights up at night time without heightening your carbon footprint or your energy bill!

Light the Pond 

If you have a pond, why not place some lights in there? The light in the water will create a sparkling, glistening effect, which will make your garden shine beautifully. Have a look at for high-quality lights for water in your outdoor space. 

Use Tiny Lights

You want to avoid harsh lighting in your garden, firstly because it can be unsightly, and secondly, because you don’t want to annoy the neighbors! The trick is to use small bulbs but lots of them – think fairy lights and lanterns. This way, your garden will be subtly illuminated without causing anyone to squint at nighttime. 

Highlight Beauty Spots

Don’t just place lights anywhere without thinking! In the day, step out into your garden and assess the areas you want to highlight. These might include a tree, a beautiful flower bed, or your cozy outdoor seating area. Place the lights in the areas you want to draw attention to, so your garden brightens the most beautiful spaces once the sun goes down. 

Wrap the Trees

If you’re unsure about where to place your fairy-lights, then you should start with any trees you have. The addition of lights to a tree creates a twinkling, magical look that is sure to catch the eye of anyone. It lights the surrounding area while looking like something ripped straight out of a fairy-tale – bonus points if you have a swing hanging from one of the branches! 

Focus on the Front

 When people think about lighting their garden, they usually focus on the back, but you should also think about the front! Think about it – most people who walk past your house won’t get a glimpse of your back garden, but they will notice what’s at the front of your house. Give them something pretty to look at by using lights to brighten your home and plants. If you have a path leading to your front door, place little ground lights to lead the way. 

Illuminating your garden creates a gorgeous outdoor space that you will want to stay in long after dusk rolls around.