Although there are many luxurious and posh flooring choices out there, sometimes we just need something affordable and won’t cause us any maintenance issues. If this if you, then look no further. With so many of us enjoying the luxury of real wood but being put off by its price tag, there needs to be some kind of alternative. Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tiles have grown massively in popularity in recent years, with them both resembling natural products like real wood very convincingly. But how do these two affordable flooring choices compare to each other?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

A very popular choice, LVT has been used in homes for many years and we can’t see it going out of fashion any time soon. It’s highly durable and replicates many natural products such as real wood and stone almost perfectly.

LVT has a protective layer, offering extra durability and protection again the wear and tear of everyday life, as well as being water, stain and scratch proof! It will hold up to the test of heavy domestic use without showing wear which is ideal for those busy family households. As well as this, it is also able to cope with fluctuating temperatures, meaning you can install under-floor heating with it.


Laminate has always been popular and it’s only getting stronger, but why is this? Like LVT, it comes in very convincing imitations of natural products but at a much lower price tag. Laminate is made up of a number of layers, which are then topped with a photo image of the desired surface, finished with a protective layer.

Laminate has a clever ‘click in’ system which makes it very easy to install. It does tend to be cheaper than LVT too, which is ideal for those first-time buyers who need a cheap fix – no expensive floor fitter needed either!

So when it comes to the two of them, what’s really the difference? We’d say LVT stumps laminate in terms of practicality and maintenance, however laminate is nearly as good and tends to be more affordable. You just need to decide on what’s more important to you!