Ask someone about their ideal home and they would instantly picture a house amidst hills and greens with a river at the back of the house. They’ll talk about a garden in the backyard and a treehouse to complete the dreamy setup.

What would you infer from such a wish?

Everyone wants serenity, the maximum touch of nature to soothe the soul which is unfortunately, difficult in the modern apartment dwelling beside a busy street. However, you can still have your peace and the beauty of nature secure. We are bestowed with certain stunning houseplants that will help you be close to nature and at the same time, gift you clean air, mental peace and positive vibes. So, create your mini natural setup with the below mentioned indoor plants that are perfect for your cozy apartments for rent in lowell ma.

1. Pothos

Running short of space? Pothos can be your ideal hanging plants. The bright and waxy leaves in heart shape add a perfect aesthetic appeal in the house. Also known as Devil’s Ivy, they help in air purification by absorbing  formaldehyde found in household items.

2. Cacti

With tremendous varieties available, Cacti make a perfect houseplant. Some of the types include bunny ears cacti, chin cacti, star cacti, old lady cacti and so forth. They require very little care and live for years, and this makes them a perfect companion for every black thumb. Additionally, they do not capture a lot of space. Place them on a shelf and they’d be happy to thrive with least demands.

3. Spider Plant

Spider plants need bright, indirect sunlight to flourish. So, even if your home does not have a sunny balcony, spider plants will sit on a windowsill and thrive happily. They do not demand too much watering. You can wait for the soil to dry out completely before pouring in more water. You can also mist it every second day and it will do just fine.

4. ZZ Plant

Native to Zanzibar, the ZZ plant is another popular addition of almost all households as they can thrive in low light and low water conditions. It is one of the most effective air purifying indoor plants as it helps remove air contaminants like xylene, toluene, and benzene. However, note that all parts of the plant are toxic and need to be kept away from pets and children.

5. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen come with leaves in amazing shades of green, yellow, pink, red and more.  They are drought tolerant and do not need much watering. Since they are low maintenance plants, they are perfect for novice green thumb and for people with little space for plants at home.

6. Ficus Tree

Also known as the Weeping Fig, Ficus is one of the most popular indoor plants and also the official tree of Bangkok. This low maintenance tropical plant belongs to the Moraceae family, native to Asia and Australia and can grow with braided trunks. The plant is sensitive to changes in lighting conditions and cannot tolerate very low temperatures.

7. Sansevieria

Effective in removing  formaldehyde and benzene from air, sansevieria or snake plant are evergreen perennials that will happily reward you even if you neglect it. It is a popular decor plant and requires very little space since it shoots upright with stiff, broad leaves. They prefer indirect sunlight and a well drained soil.

With these easy plants for your apartment, make sure you include and enjoy the greens right in your room and you would not need to plan an escape every now and then.