Although summer is now over, next summer is not too far away anymore either. By taking a beach vacation, you have the chance to rejuvenate and relax, washing away all the stresses of the year. According to Elan Vacations, North Carolina is one of the best places to go for beach vacations, whether you are on your own or with your family. In fact, you might even consider going there outside of the summer month, when the place is tranquil and serene, free from tourists and other business. Another key benefit to going on vacation outside of the summer months is that it is a lot cheaper as well.

Elan Vacations’ Five Favorite North Carolina Beaches

While the list of beach destinations in North Carolina is extensive, there are five spots in particular that Elan Vacations feels are not to be missed. They are:

  1. Bald Head Island, which is a truly unique and distinctive island with many hidden treasures just waiting to be uncovered by you. There are quaint little maritime shops, rich wildlife, and beautiful white sandy beaches. You will feel as if you have entered an undiscovered part of the planet. Bald Head Island is also steeped in ancient history, with the oldest lighthouse in the state, Old Baldy, being here. From there, you can have a truly amazing view of the surrounding land – if you can make it to the top, that is. Plus, there are no cars on Bald Head Island. If you don’t want to walk, you have the option of taking an electric golf cart, but that is as far as you will go in terms of motorized transportation. This is really a place to reconnect and ground yourself.
  2. The Outer Banks, which is an affordable but very picturesque destination, particularly if you go outside of the busy summer months. It has a lot of history and it is also known for its tall sand dunes, the tallest on the East Coast in fact. Additionally, this is where the Wright Brothers built and used the very first airplane. If you don’t fancy lounging on the beach, there are lots of gorgeous restaurants and unique shops to enjoy as well.
  3. Wrightsville Beach, which is a great spot if you want to experience the Atlantic Ocean. There is a real laid-back feeling to this part of North Carolina and it is almost as if it is a contagious attitude. You are only minutes from Wilmington, where there are lots of attractions to be enjoyed. Plus, it’s hugely accessible thanks to Interstate 40 being right there.
  4. Sunset Beach, which is a barrier island on the southern tip of the state. It is just three miles in length and truly serene, but there is still lots to do, including golf, dining, and shopping.
  5. Carolina Beach, which is a town that really caters for families. It hosts fireworks displays, live music festivals, a seaside amusement park, and more. There are lots of shops, a fantastic state park, and even a state aquarium.