There is a long list of reasons why Hong Kong is perfect for entrepreneurs. To name a few, it is supportive of expats and foreign investors, it is easily accessible to half the biggest cities on the planet, and it has the freest economy of anywhere in the world.

It’s also worth mentioning how easy it is to create a home here. Leading vendor Servcorp offers professional serviced offices and office spaces for rent in premium Hong Kong CBD. In others words, you can secure a top spot, in the centre of town, for a very affordable price.

This is possible because serviced offices are a unique tool. Along with the physical rental, they also include every major utility needed to maintain it. Keep reading to learn more.

 Office Space for Rent in Premium Hong Kong CBD

The Ease of Going Serviced

The beauty of serviced leases is they make top spots attainable for companies that might otherwise struggle to afford them. By consolidating so many inescapable expenses, these providers make it easy to manage a prestigious location, even one in the Hong Kong CBD.

Fully managed serviced work spaces are offered as complete environments. Tenants get the private use of them, but they’re not responsible for care and upkeep. Maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are handled by a team of onsite staff. As a result, overheads are much smaller.

Keeping the Office Afloat

As well as caring for the suite, a serviced provider makes sure it is kept warm, well lit, and lavishly furnished. This is a big benefit and the reason why younger businesses can afford these top spot offices. Without the drain of logistical expenses, saving money is simple.

Included in the regular monthly payment is lighting, heating, cleaning, and maintenance of the privately rented space. Many vendors also include high-speed broadband in the quoted price. Often, tenants can pick and choose from a selection of supplementary features.

Enjoy the Power to Choose

There is another reason why serviced work spaces are unique. Unlike traditional, long hold leases, there is no attempt to hold tenants in lengthy contracts. There is usually a required period of notice if you wish to leave, but there is no penalty for early termination.

Again, this makes it easier to afford a top address, in the Premium Hong Kong CBD area or close to it, because there is no danger of getting locked in an unsustainable lease. If times get hard and you can no longer afford to stay, it’s just a matter of downgrading – sometimes, within the same building.

Try a Little Future-proofing

This flexibility is what many business leaders refer to as future-proofing. Contrary to popular belief, eschewing a lock in lease is not a risky move. In fact, it is a much safer decision for a young company that isn’t sure what the next two years will hold.

Agility is a huge asset for modern companies. These days, economies and markets change so fast that having the ability to adapt is important. Change is rarely the cause of corporate failure. Rather, refusal to change is a death knell for many businesses.

What You Need from a Serviced Office in Hong Kong

When looking for a serviced lease, consider your technical requirements first. Location is significant and you should, where possible, invest in the finest neighbourhoods. However, it is no good having the best address in town if the office cannot keep up with your communication, networking, marketing, and development needs. Make sure that office Space for Rent in Premium Hong Kong CBD is what suits you and your business.

Make the networking capacities onsite are robust enough for your daily routines. Whether this includes web development, digital marketing, or video and photo editing, the speed must be fast enough to accommodate all employees. Otherwise, you risk losing money, time, and opportunities for growth. Besides being a one of the worlds greatest cities, Hong Kong could be a great place for your business and should be considered wisely.