New York City is one of the busiest and most populous cities in the world. It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world as well. The city is made up of Staten Island, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. The city covers some 300 square miles and most people recognize it by the Statue of Liberty. It is also known as the Big Apple and, thanks to Frank Sinatra, the City that Never Sleeps. For Christopher Halajian, it is also as close to home as you can get.

How Others See New York City

For many people, New York City is a place with near constant elections. There are always candidates for something, with the city seemingly changing every Monday. It is also home to Friends and various other cities. People from all over the world come there for the shopping and to have a drink, to see the police in action, and to travel to other routes, such as the infamous Route 66. But for other people, like Christopher Halajian, it is also simply “home”.

Antiques and New York City

Halajian is encouraging people to move beyond the sightseeing, beyond the Hollywood movies, and beyond the various television shows. New York City is about far more than huge New Year’s Eve parties. It is about culture, history, community, and more. Nowhere is that more visible than in the city’s many different antique shops, where you can travel through the state’s history. This is a personal passion for Halajian and one that he believes paints a much more realistic picture of New York City itself.

Greenport is one of the best places of antique enthusiasts. It is on the North Fork of Long Island, where you can find a lot of different antiques, focusing mainly on the seafaring past of the city and the state. In the town of Southold, there is a much smaller and also quieter site for antique shoppers. Here, there are many fantastic and wonderful antique shops to be enjoyed. It is also home, uniquely, to the antique doll hospital.

Then, there is Locust Valley, which is a true hidden gem for anyone who loves antiques. It is a hidden gem because you won’t find it on any of the tourist maps. Yet, it is actually one of the best places to go for good quality antiques at prices that you can afford. There is also Hudson, where there is a more eclectic range of antique stores to be found. Warren Street is the best place to go for good antique dealers. There is also a whole mile of antique shops to the west of Canandaigua, which is the Bloomfield Antique Country Mile.

Clearly, there are so many amazing antique stores in New York City that you simply wouldn’t be able to see them all. Could there be any better reason to return to the city again and again? After all, there are many other attractions to be enjoyed as well!