When it comes to beauty parlors and beauty clinics, you can find them on just about every street in the country. This is all well and good but there are a huge number of benefits which you receive when you decide on using one particular location for all of you beauty needs. It may take a bit of time to find the right clinic for you, I know this from experience, but doing so really makes a great deal of sense. Traditionally I used to hop from one clinic to the other but then after reading some glowing Sono Bello reviews, I tried them out and I have been using them for treatments ever since. If you are like I was, changing clinics all of the time, here are the benefits which you are missing out on by not using the same clinic all of the time.


I love the time which I spend with the beauticians and for me, the social side of a beauty clinic is equally as important as the services which they offer. I love nothing more than having a chat about what has been going on in my life, and finding out the gossip from other clients, as well as chatting to the beauticians about what is happening with them. I have many friends who I talk to a lot but this time at the clinic is a great way to have a chat and a laugh.


Because I use the same clinic all of the time, the staff there know exactly what I am like, the kind of treatments that I am interested in, as well as knowing about my body and my skin type. I love this aspect of going to the clinic because it means that I don’t need to go through the same motions each time that I go to a clinic. I have all of my patch tests done for various treatments so that is now out of the way, and the beauticians regularly give me options for what I can do to help improve my skin and body.


Another great benefit of the clinic which I use is that they often put on promotions for their regular customers. Through their Facebook group, they will have an ‘offer table’ which they make live at a certain time, the first people to comment on what they would like get the treatment for a fraction of the price. More often than not I find that beauty clinics put promotions on to bring in new clients, when you go to the same clinic often however, you find that they are more than happy to let you know any promotions ahead of time, so that you can get the best deal on your beauty treatments.

Try to stick with one beauty clinic if you can as the benefits are wonderful.