For many years there was a great disparity between men and women in the workplace, something which has thankfully changed in the modern age. In spite of this change there are still some areas which are male dominated and business is one of them, it has improved and continues to do so, but there are still more men than women in this industry.

I had a chat recently with the inspirational CEO Marc Leder of Sun Capital Partners, a highly successful real estate development firm, about the changing face of business, and why finally there seems to be more and more women who are becoming CEOs.

Girl Power

After years of inequality, women have become much stronger in the workplace, in order to compete in a male dominated industry. The result of this is not only that there are more women in business, but they have not stopped at just getting into the field, but rather gone on to become leaders within it.


Very often it just takes one or two successful people from a particular sex, race or background, and they can inspire millions of young people who see them. This has most certainly been the case with women who have looked at strong and successful females who have reached the levels of CEO, and been inspired to do so in the future. This process has an exponential effect on young women throughout the world and this is another key reason why there are now more females in business, and more females running businesses.

New Business

In the past most men and women would make CEO based on their hard work, their ability to forge strong relationships and their results, which would see them ascend the ladder of success. This was difficult for many women owing to the traditional mentality of many male leaders. The reason why this course of action is not seen quite as much as it used to be is not only because of a change of traditional mentality, but also a serious change in how business is done. It has never been easier to start a business and in fact many of the world’s finest female CEOs, have gained there position off their own back, and with their own business. Being CEO of your own company means that you don’t need to impress or deal with antiquated views, but simply work hard for the success of your business.

Sign of The Times

Traditionally speaking of course, women would have children and stay at home to cook, clean and look after the home. This attitude has changed completely and now women do have the time to do jobs such as Chief Exec because they have either opted not to have children, they have a fair relationship with their partner, or they have found ways around looking after the domestic side of life. This change in attitude has created the opportunity for smart women to achieve great things in business.