In Minnesota, just as in every other local jurisdiction, many people find themselves in the situation where they go through a divorce and have to agree on child custody matters. In some cases, this becomes a matter for the court to decide. Even in an amicable divorce, David Baer Attorney feels it is important to have proper legal representation on board. The lawyers on both sides can mitigate between the two parties, thereby coming to a final and legally binding agreement. Here, some tips are provided on how to choose a lawyer in these cases.

David Baer Attorney Helps People Choose a Child Custody Lawyer

Having a good lawyer on board is one of the most important decisions that to people who are divorcing will face. The divorce is incredibly stressful, which is why it is important to have a good attorney on board who can ensure a fair settlement is reached. During a divorce, assets have to be divided in a just manner, but it is equally important that the members of the family, and particularly the children, are properly protected. It is all too easy for children to be used as leverage, which a good attorney can help to avoid.

In the best case scenario, an amicable agreement can be reached in terms of spousal support orders child custody, and property division. Even in those cases, and attorney is needed as they can provide help in preparing relevant legal documents. It is vital that this lawyer is someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in field of child custody. That is not the same as a lawyer who is experienced in divorce, as there are many divorces that do not involve children at all.

Child custody is about more than who gets to have the child. It is about setting child visitation agreements, determining child support and alimony, focusing on travel expenses, and so on. Generally speaking, both parties will agree that they should keep the cost of the legal issues as low as possible. This means it is always best to mediate a settlement outside of court, thereby keeping the costs down. Not just that, settling outside of court means that relationships can remain more amicable as well.

Some questions to ask a potential attorney who will be handling the matter of child custody include:

  1. What percentage of their work relates to family law?
  2. How much experience does the lawyer have in these matters, i.e. how long have they worked in family law?
  3. How often do they have to take a divorce or child custody agreement to court?
  4. What does the lawyer expect of the client?
  5. Will the lawyer be dealing directly with the case, or do they use a paralegal or other assistant?
  6. Is the lawyer state bar certified to handle divorce and child custody cases?
  7. Has the lawyer ever faced disciplinary action?

With these questions, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to find the lawyer most suitable to your particular needs. A divorce is never easy, but a good lawyer can help make it less painful.