When the goal is romance, the places you can go to get it going are many. You can go to the traditional hot spots like St. Tropez, France or Rome Italy which is called the City of Love. And there is a great chance that you will find yourself falling deep into a state of amour.

But the challenge with these obvious places is that they are also obvious to everyone else. In other words, they are both overcrowded. Part of being able to focus on your love goal is having the literal and mental space to be with your significant other and your thoughts. For this, you need a road less travelled of romantic locations. Here are two that fit the bill as being exceedingly romantic and not too crowded. Consider either or both when you want romance to sparkle.

Seville, Spain

One way to approach having a hot time is to go to a hot place. Seville is that place with the warmest average summer temperature in all of Europe. So you can be sure that the clothes will be sparse as the temp averages 32 °C.

And though the city may be less known than its more famous cousins Barcelona and Spain’s most famous city, Madrid, it far surpasses Valencia as the ideal location for love. Seville is certainly the most beautiful and seductive of all Spanish cities, with a lush merging of innovative architecture and old world charm. The most romantic dance ever created, Flamenco was born here and so was bullfighting and the Tapas bar.

Lovers can Seville take romantic walks along the banks of the beautiful Guadalquivir River or stroll Seville’s winding streets and discover bodegas and cafes that have been here for more than a hundred years. Each newly discovered place is more charming than the next and all inviting. Seville is the largest town in Southern Spain, and some of the greatest writers, painters and sculptures have come here to gain inspiration. It has worked over the centuries with the classics Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro having been written and set here.

The city abounds in romantic places to spend time with a significant other. Favorites include the Seville Cathedral which is the largest in the world and the gardens off the Alcazar Palace which has been the hideaway for lovers over the centuries. There are museums and galleries to take in cultural wonders and literally dozens of small cafes and restaurants to spend the evenings under the Seville moon. You can also take a diner boat ride on the Guadalquivir. And for an added treat take a carriage ride along Plaza De España. This city was made for lovers and the only problem you will have when you come here is figuring out how you can ever leave.

Florence, Italy

How about visiting a city that has the perfect mix of culture and class and that excels at both beauty and charm. Florence, located in Central Italy is well-known for its spectacular landscapes replete with wine gardens, olive groves, and lush rolling hills. This is where the renaissance was born and the beauty and history that came from that period began here with artists including da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Florence is a treasure trove of art and sculpture being home to dozens of art houses, museums and the host of weekly art fairs featuring past and new artists on display. When you come here, the mood alone will create the right environment for love.

You can also visit the glorious churches and study the delightful architecture of buildings that are centuries old but still as beautiful as the day they were erected. The food is excellent and you can walk ride and even boat to every part of the city. Florence is made for lovers.

When you can get away with the one you love, make it your business to come to Seville or Florence. They are amazing places and you will be glad you came.