The prom is often the time when a young person is going out on a first date. For this reason it can be a very anxious time for them. They want everything to go right because they will be in front of all their friends and people they know, but they’re not really sure how to make things go right.

When they come and tell you that they are going to the prom, you can judge their level of nervousness and adjust your behavior accordingly. As a parent these are opportunities for us to help our children and work with them to make sure that they have a good time and experience that can create great memories for them for the rest of their lives. Here are a few things that you can do to make sure your young person has a great prom.

Help Them Pick Their Outfit

The prom is perhaps the biggest event your young person will attend in his or her life up until that point. It is likely they will be nervous and not sure of themselves even though they will try and act confident on the outside.

Your young person will need to pick out and ask you to pay for a prom outfit and this is a good chance to assist them with their choice. Your son should pick a nice suit and daughter a nice long prom dress that will make each look stylish but not too over the top. They may each want to select something that you think is a little too much, so plan to settle for something in the middle. If they think that you are being too conservative remind them of their age and the fact that it is you who are paying for the prom dress.

You Can Plan it with Them

The prom also gives you an opportunity to work with your son or daughter and help them plan out what they will do that night. Take the time to get them to walk you through all of the things they need to do in order to get prepared for the prom and then the things they will need to do prom night to make sure that they are safe and the evening goes well.

This can be a fun session where the two of you can laugh and joke about things that may happen and how nervous he or she will be when the time comes for the date. Tell them about your prom experience, what you did, and how you felt. This bonding session can help the two of you get closer and give you the opportunity to tell your young person how much you trust them.

Tell Them to Make Some Great Memories

The prom represents a great opportunity for your son or daughter to make some great memories. The young person that they are accompanying to the prom is someone they obviously have affections for and they will get the chance to take some pictures and dance with that person in front of all of his friends. They will make great memories that will last for a lifetime and your son or daughter will very much appreciate for letting him or her attend the event.