In 2012, a young woman unfortunately lost her life when she completed a botched liposuction treatment in Maryland. As a result, clinics such as Sono Bello are determined to never let something like this happen again. Indeed, stringent regulations have now been put in place that dont book any argument. And it seems that these regulations have been very helpful, with reviews since 2013 on the amp being overwhelmingly positive, and comments on virtually every review being equally good in nature.

Sono Bello Looks at New Regulations

Baltimore Maryland has set the standards when it comes to following the relevant regulations. One of the key regulations is that liposuction, Botox, and other such minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures cannot be performed in medical offices or medical spas unless they have been properly inspected by the Maryland Department of Health or accepted third party accreditation agencies.

These changes have been brought in place for good reason. It ensures that the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry is under greater scrutiny. After all, procedures are generally not covered by insurance policies, which means that’s the only true oversight authority is the consumer. Consumers have a right to demand safeguards to be in place.

Maryland has set the standard where it comes to regulating the way procedures such as liposuction can be performed. 26 other states, says the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, have joined Maryland in so doing. The way different states have done this does very however. For instance, in Florida, facilities in which 1000 cubic centimetres or more are removed during liposuction have to be inspected at least once per year. In New York, all office-based surgeries that remove in excess of 500 cubic centimetres have to be fully accredited.

According to clinics such as Sono Bello, these regulations are in place to ensure that there are no more dangerous issues associated with attending a medspa. Without these loss, these spas seem to fall within a gray area. This is because they are not quite a medical facility, but they do offer medical treatments. Unfortunately, more work. Still need to be done, particularly because there is still no definition of what a medspa actually is.

Anyone who is looking at having a procedure such as liposuction or botox completed, should therefore take responsibility themselves as well by insuring that the facility they go to his property accredited and that their physicians are licensed to perform the work that they do. The fact that one lady lost her life in 2012 was terrible and it has since emerged that many others contracted infections before that. Hence, it is a highly positive development that clinics in Maryland are so committed to transparency and accreditation.

It is very good to see that many medical spas, which do not necessarily have to be accredited or licensed because they do not accept medicaid or Medicare program, still choose to obtain these licenses and accreditations. This clearly shows that they are committed to offering the best possible treatment in the safest way possible.