Winter can be a magical time with the festive season full of fun and a fairy tale-like dusty of snow everywhere. At the same time, the dark and cold can make us want to curl up and hibernate until spring. Once the New Year begins and we don’t have any special gatherings to look forward to, the calories we consumed in Christmas treats may be only the beginning of a winter weight gain. 

winter weight gain

Here are ways to prevent winter weight gain so you don’t have to start off spring trying to get ready for bathing suit season:

Add Light

One reason why we tend to gain weight over the winter is the lack of sunlight. Overcast skies and long winter nights don’t just seem depressing. The hours of darkness can actually cause depression in many people. Even people who aren’t affected as much as those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may notice they feel down or sluggish during the winter. This can lead to winter weight gain.

You can combat this problem by exposing yourself to more sunlight. If you can get away to a sunny location for a few weeks, that can make a huge difference in your mood. If you can’t, try to make a point of spending time outside when it’s sunny. Take a walk during your lunch break and plan outings outside over the weekend. If your area is simply lacking in sunlight, another option is purchasing a full spectrum light. This can help compensate for your lack of exposure to sunlight.

Keep Active

For many of us, the winter brings an end to our usual exercise. Gone are the pleasant walks through the park or bicycling to work. Don’t let the winter weather keep you from being active. If the weather doesn’t permit your usual activities, try to include winter sports into your adventures. For most of us, however, skiing and other winter-related activities can only be fit into weekends or occasional holiday trips. Too keep active the rest of the time, you’ll need to do more.

In some areas walking inside a shopping centre or other covered walkway system might be an option. For most of us, going to a gym to workout is the best option. Rather than reaching for your television’s remote control, search online for “gyms near me” to get started. Once you find a gym, you can exercise regularly. This will help you keep from getting out of shape while also improving your mood.


With cooler weather we often forget to drink enough liquids. This can lead to dehydration. The heating systems in your home and office help to make the humidity lower during the winter. If you become dehydrated it can contribute to you feeling sluggish. That, in turn, makes you more likely to gain weight. Make sure you drinking plenty of water to keep you healthy.

Plan a Getaway

Traveling to a tropical location not only helps you get enough exposure to sunlight. It also gives you a chance to get more exercise. Walks on the beach, swimming, and surfing can all help you boost your metabolism and burn more calories. Knowing that you have an upcoming journey planned can boost your mood, as well. The perfect getaway can help keep you motivated to exercise and eat healthy foods the rest of the winter. 

Avoid Isolation

Don’t curl up alone on the couch eating snacks. Make a point of scheduling time with your friends and family. Go out and enjoy cultural events and socialized with others. Try to find fun ways to interact that only include eating and drinking and you’ll find you end the winter happier and healthier.