With high temperatures remaining in the 20’s during the winter and summer highs in the 30’s San Diego has a year round sunny climate. Combine this with more than 100 km worth of beautiful coastline and you have a fantastic Californian city vacation spot. Whether it’s surfing your after, other water sports, summertime nightlife or simply a quiet spot to relax San Diego can make the perfect getaway. It’s probably got what you need! With all those beaches to choose from, knowing where to visit can be a tough task! 

So here are our Top 10 beaches in San Diego:

best beaches in San Diego

Mission Beach

This family friendly beach is one of the best beaches in Southern California. This beach gets pretty busy during peak season in the summer but since its 2 km long there is plenty of room for everyone.

Beach volleyball is a popular activity here along with with kite-boarding while surfing is limited to certain parts of the beach where surfing lessons are also available. There is plenty to do here visitors can check out the roll coasters in Belmont Park, followed by some shopping along the strand. Mission Beach also has a fantastic golf course and it is home to sea world.

Ocean Beach

Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Ocean Beach in one of the many beach bars which turns into a popular nightlife spot come evening. A favourite for surfers and also for dogs who have a special free roaming area to enjoy. Fishing enthusiasts may also want to test the waters which allows fishing in certain parts. For those who appreciate architecture the beach town has a historic district with some beautifully built cottages from the late 19th Century.

Blacks Beach

Black beach was named after a wealthy family who had a horse farm on the cliffs of the beach. With some of the best waves in California, Black Beach was voted one of the 5 best surfing spots along the West Coast of the US. But what blacks beach is most famous for is its nudity. Black beach is a rare nudist beach in San Diego. It is a long trek to get to bit this will is rewarded by lots interesting sights sure to curb your curiosity.

South Carlsbad State Beach

South Carlsbad is one of the best beaches in San Diego for camping with good access and camping grounds, the beach is not to crowded and ocean views are fantastic. A lovely place to come for a picnic and a swim for a few hours South Carlsbad is worth the trip. Whether your coming to surf or simply take in the beach vibes South Carlsbad is sure to please.

La Jolla Cove

San Diego’s premier beach hot spot for both diving and snorkeling. La Jolla has an impressive Ecological reserve where you can spot turtles, sharks and the occasional dolphin making it one of the most popular dive sites in the region. The cove is also a great place to catch some Sea Lions, just do not get to close during ‘Pup’ season.

Windansea Beach

Another popular surfing spot, Windansea Beach has more private and exclusive feel to it. The beautiful and quiet beach can be particularly romantic for couples to enjoy a picnic and a nice walk through the soft yellow sands. Breath-taking ocean views and complementary beautiful sandstone formations make this one of San Diego’s most sublime beach destinations. With this lovely setting and San Diego’s all year round sunny climate It’s hard not to feel envious when looking back at the luxurious condos next to the beach. Fortunately there are some fantastic San Diego vacation homes to rent so there is no need too miss out.

Pacific Beach

With a busy seaside town feel to it Pacific beach is one of the most popular beaches in San Diego attracting crowds from the city itself as well as a large number of tourists. Pacific beach receives more than 33 million visitors a year and there is plenty to do to keep those happy tourists occupied. As one of the hippest areas in San Diego there are plenty of bars and restaurants serving fine food, beach style cocktails and ice cold beers.

The Bouvelard fills up with entertainment with street musicians and jugglers taking place making it a lively spot to take in the Californian atmosphere. Shopping is a major attraction too, with some quirky stores and boutiques to explore as well as a brilliant market for fresh food. Pacific beach truely embraces the Californian atmosphere and is a must see on any San Diego itenary.

Coronado Beach

One of the best beaches in San Diego, Coronado beach is popular for general lazing around sunbathing and taking a dip in the warm sea. Coronado Beach is a 1.5 mile stretch of flat sandy paradise in San Diego. Behind the beach are some fantastic homes and mansions with the star of the show Coronado Hotel nicely positioned in the centre.

Tourmaline Surfing Park

A favourite for the local surfers and visitors alike. Tourmaline Surfing park is one of the best beaches in San Diego for surfing if not the best, The cities surfing Mecca! Swimming is generally prohibited here for obvious reasons with lifeguards on patrol to make sure everyone stays safe. For the adventurous ones not happy simply spectating Sailboarding and Kite surfing are the other activities on offer at Tourmaline.

Mushroom Beach

Mushroom beach is best accessible during low tide. Difficult to reach but well worth the trek, Mushroom beach is a hidden gem in San Diego which can be reached by walk from La Jolla.

The unique tide pools formed by erosion of the rocks are the main attraction here making for some great photo opportunities. Explore the tide pools and their marine animals before sitting back, watching the waves and taking in the nature that surrounds you.