The holidays are upon us and many of us plan to leave our home cities and travel. Some of us will visit family in our hometowns and so those trips are already planned for us with no opportunity to deviate from them. But others plan on going to places where they can have the best holiday fun.

Travel options around the holidays abundant. You can choose to go to a destination that has sun, beach, and the perfect gentle breeze. Or you can choose a location that has snow-covered slopes, the perfect winter weather, and the ideal setting for everything we love about cold winter days and nights.

Although we can’t decide where you should go, what we can help you do is to consider places that fit each of these descriptions perfectly. With this in mind perhaps you will decide where to spend your holiday vacation.


What not enough people know is that Cuba is considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This small island only 90 miles of the coast of Florida is filled with lush, relaxing forests and unbelievable magnificent beaches that are open to all visitors who make the short journey from the US.

The US has gone a long way recently to improve relations with this communist country and as a result, many more Americans each year are making the trip and wondering why they have been unable to come for so long. Cuba shares a lot of culture with the US and it is rich and bountiful, Guests are surprised at how much Cuban culture is a part of the US from food, to dance to even clothing.  And the Cuban people love Americans and are proud of their rich and colourful culture.

When you go for the holidays, expect endless sun, the friendliest people, and a great time. If you’re looking to head to a tropical paradise this holiday season, Cuba is the perfect place to visit.

Alpbach, Austria

Have you thought about going on a ski trip these holidays but are not really a skier? It’s not that you don’t have an interest, but you do not want to be on a slope where everyone is zipping past you making you feel like an idiot.

Alpbach is a complete beginner’s ski area in Austria that is made for you. The town is beautiful, in fact, it regularly wins prizes as the prettiest village in Austria. The town is only a 40-minute drive from Innsbruck airport, has remained remarkably unchanged down the years. Today is remains as one of the most popular ski destinations for the British, with tens of thousands coming during the holiday season to have fun on Alpbach’s gentle slopes.

There is a single nursery slope in the village center where you can practice and receive lessons and the main ski area is a five-minute bus ride, then a gondola, away. Alpbach is also a great value for money – prices are low, even during the busiest season. So bring your whole family and get them ski lessons for the holidays.

Whether you want fun and sun or to ski and feel free, you now have the perfect choice for the whole family. Whichever destination you choose, these cities rule!