The first thing to know is: what is an accessibility overlay? In simple terms, it is some software that is added to your already existing website. The code is then scanned to check for any issues a disabled person may have with accessibility. When it finds any issues, it will then correct these automatically so that your website is available for all users.

Is accessibility that important?

In short, yes. What you may not realize is that it is important for everyone, not just disabled internet users. But first, I’d just like to point out that helping disabled people to access your website should be your main reason. Giving everyone the equal access they have a right to expect, and that they deserve, should always be a priority. They should never be made to feel left out, excluded from something that is for all members of the public.

But there are many reasons it is also important for your company. You may not be aware, but in most countries, it is a legal requirement to have an accessible website. And it would be foolish to dismiss this or think it will not happen to you. In recent years, the number of lawsuits brought against those companies that thought it did not apply to them, has risen massively. Company reputations, or worse, have been lost over this issue. So, by not making your website accessible, you could instead be making trouble for yourself, and could in fact, be breaking the law.

Other reasons to do this include the potential business growth for your company by making it accessible to another 1.3 billion people around the world – the number of disabled people who could possibly visit your site. Search engines favour those who have accessible websites and so you will also benefit there.

Also, to think about is the positive effect on the rest of your website visitors. Having a simpler, more straight forward site will make it easier and more appealing to everybody and there will be features that they enjoy too (I personally like the use of subtitles on a website as I often have a sleeping baby in my arms).

Help in getting accessible

There are many types of disabilities so many varying needs to accommodate. While this could be overwhelming, using an accessibility overlay can give you peace of mind and get you up and running with an accessible website in a matter of days. Take the pressure out of the process and use an accessibility overlay today.