The world is constantly evolving around us. And not just the earth itself, but our cities, nations, and cultures too.

In the past century alone, there has been an exponential explosion of technology — from television, cell phones, and computers to increasingly advanced road systems, sprawling cityscapes, and continually-developing land projects. And while there are a variety of important social, economic, and political ideologies that drive this growth, there’s always only ever been one amazing industry bringing it all to life.

That’s right: the construction industry — which consists of a variety of earth moving machines, vehicles, and tools. This industry has literally built and is building the worlds we see around us. And it’s core to our future.

So, let’s take a closer look at the ground breaking inventions that have shaped the world around us and focus on the factors that define them and their industry. Keep reading to learn more!

Common and Key Earth Moving Machines

There are a variety of common earth moving machines available for use today. They’ve been industry staples for years and continue to advance over time. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

First, let’s look at excavators. What are they?

As the name implies, an excavator is used for excavating (or digging). Essentially, think of it like a massive, powered shovel. It can lift extremely heavy quantities of dirt, rock, or other common construction site materials and rotate to place them in a new, desired location.

Next, let’s look at off-highway trucks. What are they?

Off-highway trucks are tough, heavy-load bearing vehicles that can transport massive quantities of construction material to your desired location; practically, they’re great for catching each shovel of sediment from your excavator! But, as the name implies, they are not highway-legal and must be driven on non-highway roads.

Finally, let’s look at the bulldozer. What is it? A bulldozer is a compact powerhouse of a tractor built with a shovel on its front to clear ground on a construction site.

Common and Key Enhancement Parts for Earth Moving Vehicles

The vehicles listed above make up only a few of the many common earth moving machines used on the typical construction site. But while there are still many more vehicles, let’s turn now to explore common and key enhancement parts for construction machines. Here are a few examples — most of which listed in this article are referred to as undercarriage parts.

First, let’s explore common replacement parts:

  • Chain
  • Idler
  • Link
  • Roller
  • Shoe
  • Sprocket
  • Steel and Rubber Track

After a certain amount of wear and tear on a vehicle (typically determined by hours used), it’s important to run your earth moving machines through a maintenance process in order to replace old and breaking parts with newer versions of those listed above. To find good parts, it’s common to go to these offered brands:

  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • Daewoo
  • Vista Equipment
  • Hitachi
  • And more!

Earth Moving Machines — the Key to Future Development

Society is growing at a rapid rate. And to keep up with this growth, it’s important to have the earth moving machines and parts required to bring our future cities to life.

These amazing vehicles and this ground breaking industry has no doubt shaped our history and will continue to shape our legacy. So, if your interest is piqued, be sure to explore our site and check back daily for more information about the construction industry and earth moving machines.

Here’s to a brave new world full of possibility!