When it comes to educational options in the modern world, international schools have really taken off. As of the present time, there are around 8,000 international schools globally with more than 4 million pupils. This figure shows just how popular they have become and how many parents trust them to educate their children.

If you are moving abroad or are simply based in a location that has an international school close by, then there are many great reasons to consider enrolling your children in one.

What are the benefits?

If you are wondering about whether to send your child to an international school or not, then the below will give you more to think about:

  • No gaps – if your family has to move around the world regularly, then international schooling is the only way to ensure the continuity of your child’s education. As the curriculum in international schools is standardized, it ensures that there are no missing gaps in their education when they have to move.
  • Helps them to settle quicker – international schools are also better for helping your child to adjust to their new life quicker and also enjoy it. There will in all likelihood be other kids of the same nationality there, or some that at least speak the same language, to make them feel less alone. International schools put great emphasis on inclusivity, so even if there is no one else from their home country attending, they will not be left out in the cold.
  • Globally respected qualifications – compared to the qualifications that the relevant state school may offer on graduation, international schools are streets ahead. The International Baccalaureate and other global qualifications of this nature that international schools offer will set up your child for a career or further study around the world.
  • Greater personal development – as well as the academic side of things, international schools show great commitment to helping your child develop to their maximum potential as a person. With many extra-curricular activities and clubs on offer, they will pick up lots of new skills that may be useful in later life.

International schools are popular worldwide

A true measure of how popular this type of education has become for families globally is the number of countries that they are seen in now. Hong Kong is a superb example of this as one of the most popular places for expat families to settle. You will soon find an international school in Hong Kong to give your child the very best education they can get. This will not only see you enjoy all that the city has to offer but will also enable your child to settle there.

A superb option

By now, it should be clear that international schools are a fabulous option when moving abroad with your family. Indeed, they are so good that many local families send their children to one! The many benefits that they offer ensure that the pupils who attend leave fully equipped to deal with the modern-day world.