If you’ve been tinkering with the idea of buying a new car, is now the right time to drive forward with such a decision?

In buying a new vehicle, you will have a set of wheels that should get you around for many years to come.

In the event you’ve had an older vehicle up to now, you may be in a position where it has been letting you down as of late. If so, having those new wheels will give you some peace and comfort.

So, is the timing right to buy a new car?

Where Best to Start Looking?

In coming up with the right new car for your needs, keep a few pointers in mind:

1. Dealership – Whether selecting the best possible BMW dealership or not, do research. This will make it easier when it comes to knowing which dealership is going to give you the best product and price. Also rely on outside family and friends for their two cents on local dealerships. There’s a good chance one or more people you know have bought cars from area dealers. As such, they can be a great resource for you.

2. Money – What kind of financial situation are you in these days? If money is a little on the tight side, be sure to take that into account with buying a new car. This does not mean you can’t afford to get a new vehicle. It means you want to be a prudent shopper so that you do not get in over your head.

3. Safety – Never overlook the importance of safety in selecting a vehicle. With that in mind, it is important that you research which brands of vehicles rate the highest in safety. Some brands have been getting top-notch safety ratings for years. As a result, they are doing something right. By being an educated consumer, you are in a better position to make the right call on a new vehicle.

4. Family – Will one or more of your family members be using a new car that you buy? If so, how much driving do you expect them to do? In the event you have a teenager getting ready to drive, will they have access to your new car? If the answer is yes, you want the safest vehicle possible. Given a teen’s lack of experience behind the wheel, safety should always be the top priority.

5. Future – How long do you in most cases keep a vehicle once you buy it? Some owners are quick to turn over vehicles. Others will keep them for many years to come. If you get the right vehicle, you may decide to keep it for a decade or more. If you choose that route, be sure to take care of it to improve its longevity. In the event you are one not to keep vehicles for too long, you should at least consider the idea of leasing. It is important to remember with a lease that you are only allowed to drive the vehicle so many miles each month.

If the timing is right for you to buy a new car, drive off with the best vehicle and deal you can get your hands on.