The time is almost here for the 2018 Grand National, the annual race which takes place at Aintree Racecourse, pitting 40 riders against one another in the most famous jumps event on the calendar. This year’s race takes place on the 18th of April and, as usual, will see a huge amount of money placed at the bookies.

What sets the Grand National apart from any other race on the calendar, is the fact that so many non-gamblers will have a punt on this race, with many using it as a bit of fun where they may win some cash. The UK’s top bookie William Hill regularly posts incredible figures each year of the sheer amount of money wagered on this race alone, with many of the bets coming from those with new accounts. With this in mind, let’s have a look at how you can try to win some cash on this year’s race, if you have never gambled before.

Back Each Way

To say that form goes out of the window in this event would be an understatement and you only need to look at the past few winners to see just how long there odds have been. One For Arthur won this race last year at a very short 14/1, but in the years previous we have seen a 66/1 winner, 25/1 winners, 33/1 winners and in 2009, 100/1 shot Mon Mome came in first. In fact the favorite has only won twice in the past decade. With this in mind, picking a winner is tough so it is best that you back your selection, with an each way bet, thus ensuring that you’ll win if they finish in the top 3.

Go With Your Gut

Don’t worry about form, tips, predictions or odds, these are rarely decent indicators as to which horse will win. To give yourself the most fun, and a shot of winning some cash, read through the names and go with your gut. Despite the 100/1 winner in 2009, avoid any picks which have odds of higher than 33/1, this should cut the field down for you and make your pick easier.

Spread The Bet

Don’t just pick one horse to gamble on, if you are prepared to flutter with a tenner for example, look to pick 2 horses, and back them at £2.50 each way. Remember that you are trying to pick a winner from a field of 40, not an easy task, so try to cover your bet with a couple of picks. I like to try and pick 3 horses, a favorite, a long shot, and another somewhere in the middle.

Avoid Big Bets

If you are looking to get rich from gambling, this is not the race to do it and so you should avoid placing a large amount of money on the race. Many horses will fall during the race because of the difficulty of the jumps and the congestion in the field, and you would hate for that to happen after you have lumped a big amount of money on.

The idea of the Grand National is to have some fun, and try to win a little bit of cash, forget form, pick with your heart!