It’s no secret that Canadians like their cannabis. In fact, Canucks like it so much that the government decided to legalize the drug entirely. We’re not talking about decriminalizing cannabis, but instead referring to the fact that it is 100% legalized throughout the nation. 

Canadian’s don’t even need a marijuana card of any kind if they wish to indulge in a bit of the green stuff. Most provinces just require residents to be at least 19 years of age (in some provinces it’s 18). Simply prove that you are of age when walking into a legal recreational dispensary, and you’ll be walking out with some bud. 

But did you know that Canadians all over the country aren’t just indulging in recreational smoking, dabbing, vaping, and eating of their ganja? They are using it to their full advantage for medical reasons as well. It turns out, cannabis is the key to healthy living, and Canadians have known this all along. 

The ACMPR License in Canada

Canada’s ACMPR license is a program that allows citizens of the country to grow medical marijuana from home. The program has been around for years, but more and more Canadians are just starting to take advantage of it for the first time. This is partly because growing weed from home is fun and cost effective. But the main reason is that Canadians are smart when it comes to their health. 

Health Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana 

Over the past few decades, the controversy over whether or not marijuana is “healthy” has been on a steady rise. However, this controversy has been solved time and time again through medical studies and research. Studies on how cannabis alleviates ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and just about every medical condition in the book have been performed. 

The good majority of the findings point to the same conclusion: weed is 100% beneficial for health. Most of us know that smoking a joint or eating a cannabis-infused gummy can lead to intense relaxation. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of medical marijuana. 

Not only will anxious individuals feel relaxed almost instantly, cannabis can help with everything from pain to ADHD. Research even shows that it is a viable treatment method for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whatever your symptoms are, there’s a good chance that cannabis can help to alleviate them. 

The Option for Cannabis Without the High

One of the main concerns for medical patients thinking about using cannabis as treatment has to do with the “high” that is unique to marijuana. Won’t I just get the munchies? Will smoking cannabis make me paranoid? Won’t I just become lazy if I start using marijuana frequently?

These are all common questions, all of which can be answered simply. 

Not all cannabis strains leads to the infamous high that weed is best known for. In fact, strains that contain high levels of a compound called CBD don’t cause a high at all. Instead, CBD strains are better known for resulting health benefits, without the high.