Why is it needed?

There are an estimated 1.3 billion people on earth living with a disability. This is a staggering amount of the population and the numbers are expected to continue rising. With so many people with disabilities then, the world is making big strides to try and be as inclusive as possible. Of course, the world is very much online now and so the internet needs to be just as accessible to everyone as does the shops we visit, the streets we walk down, the offices we work in. Companies like accessiBe are working to make this possible and are making a huge difference in people’s lives.

Another important reason why this is needed is because it is a legal requirement and so you will leave yourself open to legal issues if you fail to address any accessibility issues your website may have.

To be honest though, surely you would agree that the most important reason is because it is the right thing to do.

How can I make my website more accessible?

The answer is quite simple. Use the software that is on offer to do the work for you. This software will use artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that your website is accessible to all and that it is following all legal requirements. It will do a daily check on your website in case any additions have been made and it will make them accessible too. This takes a lot of the stress and pressure off you but still, you know you are doing the right thing and supporting everyone who visits your website, whatever their personal circumstances.

What kind of things make my website more accessible?

There are many different things that would help many different people, there is no one fix as disabilities can vary greatly. But some suggestions are to make the page easier for people to read. This may mean using simpler language or increasing the text font. It may mean changing the colour of your font or background or both. All these things are examples of what could make it easier for a person with a visual impairment. You get the idea.


Making the online world accessible is so important for all those living with a disability and also for their families and support network. Without much effort, you can help make their lives a little easier and protect yourself legally in the process.