Celebrities are a special crowd. When they vacation, they want to be treated special and they want to have the top experiences available. Every destination tries to cater to them because they not only pay well, they also bring other people to the location once it is discovered they are there.

There are a few places where celebrities also come each year to have fun and relax. Here are perhaps the two most visited laces by celebrities and why they come again and again.


The benefits of Miami are many and well respected worldwide. Celebrities throng here in the hundreds because of the pleasant weather, perpetual breezes, pulsating nightlife, and city charm. They buy summer homes and condos here along the coast or on one of the few islands that sit off the Florida Keys.

The assortment of TV, movie, sports, music stars, and international jet- setters from nearly every country all want to experience the Miami life they have heard about. The top hotels are here and you can rent a home on the beach to fit any size entourage, and rental prices keep out anyone unable to pay a premium price for the lifestyle. There is always a hot event or party in town, and hotspots including downtown and South Beach offer the perfect places for celebrities to be seen.

Miami has done an amazing job of making itself into more than just a vacation destination. For those celebrities who settle down here, there is all the entertainment and dining sun and fun they can handle, but there is also some of the best roads, schools, and hospitals in the country. South Florida is also known as a family entertainment destination and there is something for everyone to do every week, whether it’s a warm beach, or short plane ride to places like Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando. 

And as for older celebrities, their love for Miami continues to stay strong and for good reason. You cannot find better weather anywhere, with near the ocean living creating a vacation atmosphere all through the year. And, this part of the country has the most abundant senior services.

The French Riviera

Located in the region of Provence, the French Riviera is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Backed by snow-capped mountains that ring the region and serve as a stunning backdrop, the region is fronted by the gentle Mediterranean Sea. In between is lush rolling lavender hills, townships built into the sides of rocky walls, and urbanite cityscapes. And of course some of the most attractive beaches.

The French Riviera is made up of several cities with the most famous being St. Tropez, Cannes and Monaco. Each has its own allure and attracts celebrities year round. In fact the region is called the playground of the rich and famous.

Whether it is the shopping for designer clothes and jewelry at the highest end shops, dining at the top restaurants in the world, renting a huge yacht off the coast, or spending lots of cash at the most exclusive casinos, this area was made to accommodate upper end clients.

And the nightlife is legendary, with discotheques and clubs pulsating throughout the night and ushering in the next morning. The French Riviera is definitely the place where celebrities go to have fun.

When you get ready to travel, consider the places where the stars hang out. They really know how to have a great time and so will you.