If you are concerned about your environmental footprint and are interested in finding different ways to make your daily life more sustainable, we have compiled a list of three simple ways to reduce carbon footprint.

In all honesty, a zero-carbon lifestyle is not an option for most of us, but thankfully, there is still a lot that you can do in small ways to live a more sustainable life. Here are just a few suggestions.

Use Your Local Shops

Shopping local, for example at a farmer’s market, can make a difference. First, locally produced food or other goods do not need to be transported from other places and for this reason are not a part of a chain of supply that depends on burning fossil fuels. Also, locally-grown produce is less likely to be based on GMO technology or involve heavy reliance on pesticides.

Plan Better, Throw Less Away

Much of the food we purchase ends up being thrown away because we didn’t anticipate eating out, because we didn’t buy anything to eat with it, or because we bought too much. Sit down once a week and plan meals for the next seven days. Think about when you are likely to have leftovers and what you could use them for, when you might eat out, and try to plan so that the most perishable items are consumed earlier in the week. When you plan meals in this way, you have a clear list of items to purchase each week and you will be amazed in the reduced amount that you purchase – and waste – each week.

Walk or Ride

Sometimes it isn’t possible to walk or ride everywhere you need to go simply because you do not have the time. That said, we often have more time than we think we have, so consider doing an audit of how you are actually spending your time. If walking to work would mean an hour less time spent with your children or partner, then perhaps it’s not be worth it to you – but if it would mean an hour less time spent in front of the tv or on your smartphone, then you might decide that the walk is time better spent, even if only a few times a week.

Yes, even the smallest changes in your daily life can add up to something more significant. Try to integrate shopping local, meal planning, and less time driving into your daily habits. Not only will you save money and become healthier as a result, but the environment will benefit too!