Whenever looking at the outcome of several investments it is clear that some were a lot better than others. Based on the financial goals you have at the moment, there is a pretty good possibility that some investments are great for you while others are not actually recommended.

A big problem with investments is the lack of knowledge that the investor has. We are not talking about professional investors here. We are talking about people that have some money and that want to make their first investment. If this is your situation, Marc Leder, highly experienced investor, discusses some of the great options that are available for you right now.

Real Estate Investments

Many think that real estate investments are dead but this will never be the case. The only thing that is needed is to be careful. When analyzing the risk level of real estate investments we can say that it is medium. This is because of the fact that even if the real estate market goes down in value and homes are not as expensive as they were when bought, value still remains present. It is impossible for real estate properties to reach zero value.

What needs to be done is to learn a little about the real estate market. The idea is to identify properties that are appropriate based on current investment desires. When this is properly done, the investor is faced with guaranteed returns. In many cases they can be a lot higher than what was anticipated, although this rarely happens with real estate investors that are not experienced.

Unit Trusts

There is a pretty good possibility you never heard about these. This type of collective investment makes it easy for those with limited funds to put their money in a strong securities portfolio. We practically have pooled money that covers many different investments like shares, cash, bonds and properties.

The great thing about unit trusts is that they are pretty safe and the investment is long-term. This means that you are going to keep generating profits over the years. As you learn more about investments and you become more experienced, parts of the profit can be used for investments with higher risks. Generally, with unit trusts you can expect high returns at low risks. However, this is not a rule that always applies. Unit trusts are helpful in the event you want to make a specific investment, like in the stocks of a company, but you lack the money that is needed for a large investment.


The two investment options that were mentioned above are definitely great for the beginner investor and they are even considered by more experienced investors as they try to diversify their portfolios because of the fact that they are safe. Always start your investment journey with something that is as safe as possible. You want guaranteed returns in order to build up your investment budget and overall portfolio. Remember that investments have to be analyzed over a long time and your goal should never be to make money really fast.