Last month I was with a friend of mine in his vacation home in California, we were sharing a couple of cold ones and began talking about casinos. I had never been to a casino in my life and my friend was flabbergasted, so much so that we went that night to the Bicycle Casino Hotel so that I could finally say that I have been to a casino. This place was magical, it was absolutely huge, it had hundreds of games to play, there were live shows going on, people everywhere, promotions on drinks and games and a general buzz about the state’s biggest casino, I absolutely loved it.

My friend showed me the best games to get me started and I was pleased to have him on hand, I thought I’d share with you then the best games in a casino for newbies, so that you can feel relaxed when you go on to the casino floor. Of course if you are far away from a casino or simply don’t want to put up with the hassle of getting to or travelling in a physical casino you can always enjoy your favorite casino games online at Tuanpoker Situs Poker Online Terpercayav. Here are some of the top casino games available.

Higher or Lower

With very little skill or explanation required, it is fair to say that higher or lower is the most simple of all the casino games. The basic premise is that there will be 6 cards in a row, and you must say whether or not the next card will be higher or lower than the last. With this game you bet a small amount of money and if you can get all 6 cards right, you will double your money. This is the perfect place to get started in the casino, and help you to feel comfortable around the games.


Blackjack, 21, pontoon, this game has many names and is super easy to play. You bet against the house and if you win, you double your money. The aim of the game is to reach the number 21 with the accumulative value of your cards, you begin with 2 cards, and then request more should you need them. You can stop on any number above 17 and if you beat the dealer, you win the cash. The only slightly complicated step with this game is that if you have 13 or 14, you can split your hand, and double the bet, so that you have more chances, other than this it is a simple game which requires thought and patience.


Roulette is a super fun game to play at the casino and better still, it is incredibly easy to play. The idea is basically that you are betting on where the ball lands and within that there are numerous ways in which you can bet on this. For example you can bet on the specific number that the ball will land on, you could also bet on black or red, which section the ball will fall into and whether the number will be odd or even. Naturally each bet has different probabilities and you can bet on more than one outcome.