In the world of hair extensions Surfers Paradise, there is something for everyone. Regardless of hair texture, thickness, volume, colour or length, a technician can find an ideal product for you. Before you head to the salon, get answers to some frequently asked questions about hair extensions.

I Like the Length of My Hair, but I Want To Add Some Thickness and Volume. Can I Use Hair Extensions?

Yes! If you want more thickness and volume, you can add extensions without changing your overall length. During your hair extensions consultation in Gold Coast, your technician can show you an ideal type of extension that matches your current length or is similar to what you prefer. She will insert the right number of extensions to give you thickness and volume but you won’t need to pay for more than what you need.

What Length Should I Request for My Hair Extensions?

Most hair salons in  Gold Coast offer a variety of lengths for hair extensions Gold Coast with 10 inches considered shorter and 24 and 26 inches as the longest available. Shorter extensions added to shorter styles (like a pixie cut) will need a more permanent application such as tape, bonds (keratin or glue) or microbeads.

If your current style is a chin-length bob, hair experts recommend a slightly longer look rather than selecting a drastic length change. Also, the longer extensions will be more difficult to blend with your shorter natural hair.

Looking for long, lovely “mermaid” locks? If you already have hair that reaches below the middle of your back, you may be a candidate for higher-end lengths of 22, 24, or even 26 inches depending on what is offered at the salon. These extensions Gold Coast can easily fall at or below your waist.

Can I Change the Colour of My Hair Extensions?

Colouring your hair after applying extensions is not recommended. Your technician can blend the extensions to your desired colour before the application process.

What Type of Hair Is Used To Make Extensions?

Salons name 100 % Remy human hair as the highest quality. There are extensions made with synthetic hair but they are not recommended for long-term use. You could use temporary clip-in extensions with synthetic hair, but they are prone to tangling and matting. Human hair is more expensive, but looks amazing and will be easier to style and maintain.

How Long Will Hair Extensions Last Before I Need To Take Them Out?

The length of time extensions will last depends on what type of product you have and how well they are maintained. Permanent applications include I-tips, micro rings and bonds, which last about three to six months with proper maintenance. Weaves and tape-in extensions are semi-permanent and last about six to eight weeks. If you want a temporary style with easy upkeep, you can get clip-in extensions. Although they are not ideal for everyday use, clip-ins are less expensive and if used properly, they can last for years.

How Can I Keep My Hair Extensions in Good Condition?

Maintenance is crucial for extending the life of your hair extensions Surfers Paradise! Salons recommend the following tips:

  • Follow all after-care instructions from the salon.
  • Avoid going to bed with wet hair since it causes tangling and damage.
  • Wash your hair with volumising or clarifying shampoo, but avoid any products with sulphates.
  • Keep ponytails and buns low or in the middle of the head. Avoid high-set styles.
  • During blow-drying, use your hands to comb through your hair. Do not use a styling brush until your hair is about 80 % dry.
  • To clean roots and prevent tangles, brush your hair two times per day.
  • Schedule some check-in appointments so your stylist can make sure your extensions are in top shape.

Will Extensions Damage My Hair?

Hair loss can occur with semi-permanent and permanent hair extensions; however, a well-trained technician should make sure you have the right extensions for your hair type so this won’t happen. As long as extensions are applied correctly, you should have no problems. There are no risks of damage with temporary clip-in extensions.

Explore Hair Extensions Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast

Contact salons in your area to find an experienced technician and schedule a consultation to get started. No matter where you fall in the spectrum of hair types and lengths, you can find high-quality hair extensions that are perfect for you.