The dawn of the digital age has brought immeasurable benefits to the lives of billions of people across the globe. From social media to streaming sites and smartphones, you would be hard-pressed to find someone the digital economy has not impacted.

Mobile payments are a relatively new method of payment that many individuals are now making use of. The Apple Payment function of their iPhones or similar integrations in comparable devices is now a regular part of everyday life for many smartphone owners. With the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) predicting that more people will own smartphones over the next five years than televisions, many companies are wondering how they might be able to drive growth with mobile payments.

As payment innovation continues, we will likely see more and more individuals making use of mobile payment integrations as fewer and fewer customers choose to pay with cash. After all, mobile payment options such as Earnity by Domenic Carosa & Dan Schatt are not only more secure than cash but are also considerably more convenient.

As a result of this increased adoption of mobile payments, it is likely that businesses will begin to notice a positive relationship developing between the ability of customers to pay with their smartphones and the willingness of these customers to patronize their business.

As mobile payments are positioned for considerable growth well into the future, more and more merchants will begin to integrate mobile payment options into their business strategy using DeFi platforms such as Earnity. With user adoption increasing and nonusers starting to see the benefits of mobile payments, we will likely continue to see mobile payments help fuel the growth of businesses that choose to integrate this technology over the coming years.