So, you’ve decided to try your luck with progressive jackpot slots. First off, good for you. Progressives often give you the chance to win life-changing, multi million-pound jackpots from just one spin. But if you’ve never spun a progressive before, you’re probably a bit confused about where to start . . .

How do you know which progressive jackpot slots are worth betting on? To answer your question, we’ve called in the slot game gurus from bgo, the UK online casino. They’ve shortlisted the top 5 progressive slots suitable for new and seasoned jackpot hunters alike.

From charming classics like Slots O’ Gold to record-breaking giants like Mega Moolah, check them all out in our infographic. See any that take your fancy? Find them ready to play at today on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Fingers crossed you’ll be history’s next big jackpot winner.

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