The Official Music of the 1984 Games


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    1. Leo Arnaud "Bugler's Dream" (From Charge Suite) (0:55).
    2. Loverboy "Nothing's Gonna Stop You Now" (Team Sports Theme) (4:03).
    3. Giorgio Moroder "Reach Out" (Track Theme) (3:44).
    4. Bob James "Courtship" (Basketball Theme) (4:01).
    5. Christopher Cross "A Chance for Heaven" (Swimming Theme) (3:44).
    6. Toto "Moodido (The Match)" (Boxing Theme) (4:41).
    1. John Williams "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" (4:06).
    2. Quincy Jones "Grace" (Gymnastics Theme) (4:30).
    3. Bill Conti "Power" (Power Sports Theme) (3:44).
    4. Foreigner "Street Thunder" (Marathon Theme) (4:01).
    5. Herbie Hancock "Junku" (Field Theme) (3:59).
    6. Philip Glass "The Olympian - Lighting of the Torch" (3:17).

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The Olympics embody the spirit of man's and woman's optimum achievements, a coalition of body, mind and spirit welded into a moment of time. Capturing these reflections in another medium - music - was our goal, and so we sought for this musical event - a rainbow of talent eloquently expressing inspirational and creative energies in a language crossing all boundaries, uniting the very best elements of mankind.

Peter Guber and Jon Peters.

I can think of no event to compare with the Olympic games which makes us so conscious of our shared humanity, our common fate. The torch lighting ceremony strikes me as the essential symbol, the summing up, of this, our shared consciousness. Surely it is a rare event in the life of any artist when he is asked to make a personal contribution to such a public event. It has made this for me a uniquely challenging and inspiring experience.

- Philip Glass.


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