Nike’s Most Flexible Running Shoes Play Music

This video is about Nike Free Run+ shoe. The unique feature of this shoe is that it can be bent and twisted like no other shoe, making it very form-fitting while running.

To demonstrate the flexibility of this shoe, Hifana, a Japanese breakbeat musical duo, plays music with these shoes.


It's interesting to see how they made this shoe interactive. It was a unique, creative and ingenious idea that used music as a means to highlight the features of Nike's shoes.

Are you in the market for a flexible and comfortable pair of running shoes? Nike has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to running shoes and it would seem that they'd done it again with the Free Run+ touted as the the most flexible and form-fitting running shoes in the world. But is there really any truth to this or is it all just hype? It's a good question and one that you've probably been pondering about especially when it seems flexibility has long outlived its welcome as a marketing pitch in the shoes industry.

So what makes Nike Free Run+ special?

The Nike Free Run+ is indeed a flexible line of running shoes but if that's all it has going for it then it probably wouldn't have generated the kind of hype that it is enjoying today. Nike redefined flexibility in a way no one has and more importantly they've presented undeniable proof of it. If you're reading this then you've probably seen a viral video posted by Nike online showing a closed musical performance by Hifana in Tokyo using several pairs of Free Run+ running shoes. The said performance shows the group bending and twisting the shoes in every direction to create a rather invigorating musical performance. As you might have seen, it was mighty impressive; what better way to test it's flexibility other than to use it as a musical instrument? Although Nike clarifies that the ones being sold in retail stores will not create music when bent or twisted (no pun intended).

If you're in the market for a flexible pair of running shoes then you certainly can't go wrong with Nike Free Run+. You can find Nike's Free Run series in all big shoe retail stores like Amazon, Zappos and The last one has perhaps the lowest prices,  as detailed in the post below:


Anyone who is into the habit of running knows just how important flexibility is when it comes to running shoes. Flexible running shoes are lighter and matches your movements better. As a matter of fact; many agree that running with Free Run+ almost feels like you're doing it barefooted minus all the abuse of course. Interestingly, barefoot running was the inspiration behind the Free Run+ as Nike moved to capitalize on the trend towards barefoot running and its numerous health benefits although the matter remains to be a subject of much debate.

Of course when you're designing a shoe to mimic barefoot running, flexibility is definitely a paramount concern and one that Nike obviously spared no expense to achieve. Is it the best running shoes around? Perhaps not but in terms of flexibility, the Nike Free Run+ is definitely one tough player to beat not to mention the fact that Nike presented an interesting and rather entertaining way to prove it with the Nike Music Shoe.