Music, Shoes, and 6pm coupons: How they Relate

My fascination with music started at a very young age. My mother was a ballet dancer and she made sure that I could accompany her to her classes when I wasn't in school yet. Eventually, I got enrolled and started to learn the beauty of ballet that is pure in its classical elegance. Over the years my interest in music and dancing took a different journey. Instead of pigeonholing my interests, I decided to try as many styles as possible so that I could create a performative collage of my experiences with music and dance. A few months ago, I started to dance to dubstep. My favorite dubstep music composer is Phillip Glass.

Now, since I was new to this style, I had to get myself new gears like shoes to perform the steps well.

Dubstep moves are pretty rigorous and raw. While ballet steps are softer and more refined, dubstep needs to be subtle at times and quite powerful and aggressive at others. Knowing the fact that I would need really durable shoes to dance to dubstep, I went online to buy the best sports shoes I could find. After searching a lot, I finally chanced upon which completely blew my mind away with its gorgeous collection! Shoes, Music, and ... Coupons

On I found great sports wear that was perfect for my needs, but overall my shopping experience was taken to a completely new level. I found so many shoes related to music—either carrying wonderful illustrations of well known artists, or housed under the brand name of famous musicians whom I have adored since I was young. I already do have a pair of sneakers that carry a great illustration of the wonderful Philip Glass.

Philip Glass Shoe

I am a great admirer of his minimalist music and his classical pieces. But when I saw Carlos Santana presenting his shoe brand called Carlos on, I had to grab a few pairs immediately! Carlos Santana is a Mexican and American musician who blended rock and Latin American music together to create a wonderful harmony. I was thrilled to buy shoes that bear his name. His high heeled Nikola makes me feel like a sexy diva walking on the ramp!

Carlos Santana Nikola shoes

I was surprised to see Gwen Stefani's collection on this site. She is not only American singer, first lady of rock, and songwriter, but a fashion designer too! She is well known for her eclectic personality, and her offbeat nature is reflected impressively in her line of clothing as well. She has started with her L.A.M.B collection of footwear, clothes and accessories which have become quite popular!

Gwen Stefani LAMB Will

L.A.M.B is an acronym for Love Music Angel Baby, which was actually her first album cover. So if you are a fan of Gwen Stefani, you should immediately rush to where you can find some amazing coupon codes for 6pm to purchase your desired items at a great price. I finally bought the blue pair of LAMB for a romantic getaway with my boyfriend. I really intend to dance the night away to great music while wearing these gorgeous shoes! is well known as an athletic shoe retailer. Like, it's one of the best online athletic shoe stores. While you may think that sports and music don't gel together, the truth is different. Music has always inspired great sportsmen to do better. And understands this inspiration that comes from music and engages its customers through their series called "What's in your ear". In this series they talk about motivation and dedication that can be honed while listening to music. I have personally found that listening to The "Glassworks" by Philip Glass really helps me to meditate while practicing my yoga daily. If you are into the fitness lifestyle, you might want to check out the Nike Houston Astros MLB Chin Music Men's Track Jacket on It is equipped with media-player storage that can make it easy for you to listen to motivating music while doing your workout. You can use Finish Line coupons to land a great sale.

Whether you like athletic wear or something fancy for your feet, you can always find incredible collection on and that will capture your interest in music. Music is an element that is versatile, and its application can be numerous. If you love listening to music, let your choice in footwear reflect that aspect of your personality. Also, these shoes are so incredibly stylish that they are bound to turn heads anywhere you go! I am extremely happy that these two online stores have fed my addiction to music through ways I couldn't imagine. I am already excited about shopping there again!